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Our Services

  • Project Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections and Reports
  • Notice to Fix and Certification of Acceptance
  • Weather Tightness / Exterior Cladding Assessment and Reports
  • Drafting Services
  • Exterior Claddings Design for Refurbishment
  • Project Supervision – Leaking Home Repairs
  • Litigation Support – Expert Witness
  • Adjudication CCA
  • Civil and Structural Engineering (in association with G.A. Hughes and Associates (2005) Limited).
  • Associations

Project Management

Noel Jellyman Building Consultants Limited has extensive experience in the Project Management of housing projects, alterations and light commercial work. Over a period of 30 years, managing a Building Company (Jellyman Homes Limited), a variety of projects were undertaken including large housing projects, Church building projects, a range of light commercial work and small to large renovations.

Noel Jellyman Building Consultants Limited brings a wide range of technical, managerial and practical skills to your project.

The benefits we bring to your project include –
  • Open on-going communication
  • Good working relationships
  • Clear goal setting
  • Cost effective and expert time management
  • Cost control
  • Clear Scope of Works
  • Appropriate selection of the Team
  • Negotiation skills
  • High quality management

Maintenance Scheduling

Most materials used in the construction of a building require maintenance, if they are to meet the performance expectations of building owners and the New Zealand Building Code. Maintenance can be things from as simple as cleaning out gutters and washing down the house annually, to larger maintenance projects that require high level documentation and planning, including detailing and thoughtful discussion along with expert management, to ensure ongoing performance of the building.

Obtaining professional advice is well worthwhile and offers significant benefits over dealing with sub-contractors directly. (For example, making the decision on whether it is appropriate to carry out a targeted repair or whether a re-clad of the building is more appropriate?)

A professional approach is to first have a thorough assessment of the building carried out, a detailed scope of works and a quantity survey including an estimate of costs prepared. This is followed with a project plan including formal documentation to form the basis of the contract, a professional procurement process, site observations, financial management and finally a completion process.

The extent and size of the project will go some way to determine the degree to which experts need to be involved. Projects are not “One size fits all.” Noel Jellyman Building Consultants Limited will tailor its services to meet the needs specific to each individual project.

Notice to Fix and Certificates of Acceptance

When the New Zealand Building Act 2004 is breached, the remedy provided under the Building Act 2004 is that the Building Consent Authority has the right to issue a “Notice to Fix”.

This can occur when work that required a Building Consent has been carried out without one, or alternatively, work has not been carried out in accordance with the Building Consent.

A Certificate of Acceptance provides a limited assurance in certain circumstances that Council has inspected the non-consented building work or work undertaken urgently, or is satisfied on reasonable grounds that building works comply with the Building Code.

Noel Jellyman Building Consultants Limited assists home and building owners by analysing the particular breach of the Building Act 2004, putting together solutions, reports and documents to rectify the breach, and enables application for the Certificate of Acceptance.

Pre-Purchasing Inspections and Reports

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment most people will make in their lifetime. It is not wise to rush in without knowing exactly what you are purchasing. Buying with as much knowledge as is practicable is very important.

A pre-purchase inspection followed with a comprehensive report helps to ensures you are making an informed decision.

Noel Jellyman Building Consultants Limited, armed with Professional Indemnity Insurance, has over 40 years building industry experience. Our Pre-Purchase Building Report will ensure you are confidently able to purchase a building fully aware of the condition of that building.

We operate anywhere in the Waikato. Contact Noel Jellyman today – and you will be provided with an inspection and comprehensive report.

Weather Tightness / Exterior Claddings Assessment and Report

The 1990’s and early 2000’s saw changes made to the New Zealand Building Code which, together with lowering standards of the way services were delivered in the building industry which lead to what is commonly referred to as “The Leaking Building Crisis”.

The introduction of untreated timber, poor or non-existent flashing details, monolithic cladding systems with no cavity and drainage behind them, are but a few of the causes of weather tightness problems which became apparent.

These leaking buildings require recladding (as a general rule of thumb) in order to properly address all the issues. As the problem was identified and became more published, these types of buildings carried a stigma and the perception of the market was that they had a lower value. Alternatively, owners have needed to tackle the issues and remediate the house.

The issues surrounding remedial work on leaky buildings are complex; they require careful consideration and planning along with a comprehensive record of the issues.

Noel Jellyman Building Consultants Limited, over the past decade, have assisted many home and building owners through the processes required to remediate their buildings. The processes begin with a full visual inspection using non-invasive moisture metres, invasive testing when deemed necessary, as well as timber testing, photographic evidence and a comprehensive report.

Project Supervision:- Leaking Home Repairs

Noel Jellyman Building Consultants Limited has completed many successful remedial repairs since these issues of leaking homes became public knowledge following the H unn Report in 2002.

Equipped with over 40 years’ experience then further skills being added at the completion of the BRANZ* Course in Weather Tight Design, means we are able to supervise weather tightness remedial works with a full understanding of building science.

BRANZ having been established now for over 40 years,’ plus our own experience with remediation over the last decade, gives us ability to ensure the long term satisfactory performance of your remediated building.

Our “time on the tools” in the construction industry along with our project management experience ensures solutions that are practical, do-able and at the same time robust and Building Code compliant.

Our experience in onsite relationships with contractors and sub-contractors is another important skill set valuable to ensuring the efficient running of projects resulting in a positive outcome.

Civil and Structural Engineering

Noel Jellyman Building Consultants Limited has worked with Civil and Structural Engineers regularly over the past decade. We have a close association with G A Hughes and Associates (2005) Limited a Civil and Structural Engineering firm with skilled and experienced engineers.
In association with our Engineers we also provide the following services –

  • Geotechnical investigations and reports (soils testing)
  • Structural design (beams, tie slab, portal frames, suspended floors and more)
  • Storm water disposal design
  • Waste water disposal design
  • Earthquake Risk Assessment of buildings
  • Earthquake strengthening
  • Foundation design
  • Sub-division works.
  • Construction monitoring
  • Retaining wall design

Considerable skill and wide-ranging experience makes us a logical and sensible choice when you have such problems requiring expert specific engineer designed solutions.

Litigation – Expert Witness

Both in Construction disputes and Weather Tight Homes cases, expert witness evidence at Mediations, Arbitrations, Adjudications and Judicial Settlement conferences at both District and High Court level is often critical to a satisfactory outcome.

Noel Jellyman Building Consultants Limited has significant experience in representing clients at litigation. Much of this work involves resolving technical building issues relating to building envelope weather tightness as well as disputes that may arise from construction contracts and breaches of the Implied Warrantees under the New Zealand Building Act.


Adjudication has become the accepted and preferred method of Dispute Resolution Process in New Zealand for resolving Building and Construction disputes.

The Construction Contract Act 2002 provides for a speedy resolution of disputes arising under a construction contract in the form of “Adjudication”.

The Building Act 2004 also provides for claims for breach of the Implied Warranties under the Act to be resolved by Adjudication.

Noel Jellyman completed a BRANZ* Certificate in Adjudication in 2005. He is a member of the Adjudication Association of New Zealand, serving as president (20012 -2014) and the New Zealand Society of Construction Law. He has experience in acting as an Adjudicator in a number of Construction Disputes and has provided expert assistance in a number of and wide range of Construction Disputes.


Technical and Professional services for building owner managers is varied and broad ranging. One consultant or firm will not always have the full range of skills required to meet all of a clients’ requirements.

To ensure we can address all issues put to us, Noel Jellyman Building Consultants has established working relationships with a number of other organisations and expert firms including –

G.A. Hughes and Associates (2005) Limited
Creative Space Architectural Designers Tauranga –
Adjudicators Association of New Zealand –
Society of Construction Law –


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